You’ve got to pick up every stitch

Season of the Witch

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  1. Laura Welch says:

    Hello Casey,

    I was rereading one of you poems from high school and thought, “I wonder what Casey is up to?” With the help of google, I found your website. Barnstable has begun venturing into the world of poetry slams, and we’ve begun a new club with some young writers. If you have any advice for these young poets, I’d love to pass it along.

    Best wishes,

    Ms. Welch

    • Rocheteau says:

      I am clearly terrible at website maintenance is what I’m up to. Hello! How are you? I have had a good year. I’m in grad school now for history at the New School in Manhattan. I had a book of poems published in December, and I work 30-40 hours a week. Busy busy busy but very productive. I also got to go on tour this january with the book which was really fun! Does BHS do Student Day of Poetry? I assume so, I think my ex boyfriend’s sister was there last year, though I’m not sure what school she goes to. Anyhow:

      I did workshops for them last year and the day was really incredible. I don’t know if I have advice, really. My mantra right now is “write every day and keep a good editor in your back pocket”.

      How have you been? How’s school and things?

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