Photo Credit: Ian Brown 2015 

Casey Rocheteau

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Casey Rocheteau was born on Cape Cod, and raised as a sea witch. Winner of inaugural Write A House permanent residency in Detroit in 2014, Casey has attended Callaloo Writer’s Workshop, Cave Canem, and Bread Loaf Writers’ Conference in Sicily. They are a Writer in Residence at InsideOut Literary Arts in Detroit and editor-in-chief at Kinfolks Quarterly and Heart Online Journal. Their second poetry collection, The Dozen, was released on Sibling Rivalry Press in 2016.


In Praise of Casey Rocheteau:

“Casey Rocheteau’s poems are necessary. They are rich, unflinching, forever aiming at something just beyond. And reaching it. And reaching beyond that. She is all risk, all the time. I am overwhelmed with what she’s going to give us over the coming years. The truth. Her truths. I’m opening up wide. This is personal, universal poetry – quaking and alive. Thank goodness.”

— Shira Erlichman, Poet/Musician/Conjurer

“Casey Rocheteau is the friendliest volcano you will ever meet, meaning she is not friendly.  Also she will cover you with magma, then correct you for calling it magma when it is above ground and really you should have called it lava.  Also by this point your face will be melted.  Her poetry is like that too, not satisfied until you are dead.  She will make you hate this world then make you hate yourself for being a part of it, then make you hate yourself for not writing about it before she did.”

–Aaron Samuels, Poet/Educator/Consultant/Not sure what a compliment is

“Casey Rocheteau makes me actually want to listen to poetry.She is a lyrical acrobat. Hearing her speak,  its hard to describe the experience in a way other than magical.  But this would be wrong, because this is no illusion.  A more accurate description of Casey is master of words.  The words are in her command.  And like my other linguistic heroes, she gets words to do things I didn’t know they could do.  And listening to her, I for one–though I doubt I’m the only one–feel feelings I didn’t know I had.  If you haven’t seen Casey speak, you’re missing something really special and important, and you need to see her.  “

-Khury J. Petersen-Smith, Activist/Geographer/Educator/Doesn’t generally like poetry


“Casey Rocheteau is a powerhouse– ruthlessly funny and overwhelmingly talented. Her poetry is unapologetic in its richness, its thoughtfulness, and its urgency. Thank goodness for her brain and her heart. If I was teaching the world a class on How to Not Be So F*cked Up, Casey would be all over my syllabus.”

–Franny Choi, Poet/Activist/Educator/Gryffinpuff

“The thing about Casey is that it’s statistically probable that she’s significantly smarter than you.  The thing about her writing, is that it demonstrates not only her superior intellect, but also, her enduringly generous heart.  Which means that basically all around, she’s a better person than most people.  You should book her for your show, just to compensate for your own inadequacy.”

–Sean Patrick Conlon, Poet/Playwright/Notorious liar

“Casey Rocheteau’s poems are like the best Swiss army knife ever; the line that on one side seems unassuming and beautiful and moving, a personal story about friends and love and life perhaps, can be turned into a bomb designed to blow a whole city to shreds. And then a pair of brass knuckles. And then a pair of binoculars designed for looking into your own twisted heart to help you figure out why you wanted to blow that city up in the first place. Casey is a lot like that too; capable of adapting to fit any situation while never losing the essence of who she is. Casey is one of the only completely authentic people I know; it’s what makes her such a damn good poet.”

–Sara Brickman, Poet/Librarian/Record store owner