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The Dozen is the debut collection from the first winner of Write A House, Casey Rocheteau. This book of poems is intended as a game that grows outward. The idea is to reinvent the dozens and juke what is truly oppressive about the world. The Dozen is also literal: 12 poems in each of four sections, playing off of each other, scraping against each other messily, harmonizing, clowning each other and sometimes themselves. Above all,The Dozen is intended as an invitation to unwind the clocks, shake off the shame we learned as kids, stop talking about other people’s mamas, and call out the things in our culture that are so ugly they turned Medusa to stone.




Chiaroscuro (Tape/CD 2009-2011)

Chiaroscuro is a dreamscape Casey built out of words, beats, and the idea of Shangri La. She assembled it in the late night, in the dark, surrounded by bird’s nests and watching all the things in her mind spinning and moving. Super Rare. A counterpoint of darkness and light. Artwork by Lenora Symczak.

Pump Your Concrete

Pump Your Concrete (Oh Word The Album) (CD-R, 2008)

An adventure through time, spa c e, and sound. Poetry, tape collage, jams from a saloon in the 1800s, knowledge, facts, mystique. All straight to your mind from the mouth of the newest new American poet. Oh word. Artwork by Gianna Rodriguez. Listen Here!